Building better

A sustainable planet relies on sustainable lifestyles

Climate change brought about by human activity is threatening the way we live and the future of our planet.

Our lifestyles need to change in balance and harmony with our environment to ensure our current and future human needs and aspirations are not only enhanced, but exceeded.

As a sustainable Smart Community enabler, we address the changing relationship between communities and a greener world by creating better solutions for sustainable living.


Time for change

The buildings and buildings construction sectors are responsible for 36% of global final energy consumption and roughly 40% of total direct and indirect CO2 emissions.

The global buildings sector consumes more than 55% of global electricity demand.

We need to take action now!

Smart Sustainable Solution

MIRIS enables sustainable Smart Community solutions by leveraging innovative technologies to ecologically and ethically address issues around Sustainable Living, Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Finance.

Sustainable Living

Consumers are gaining a greater appreciation for sustainability. Yet today’s real estate industry still lags behind the rest of society and key elements of the new economy – all at a time when the fight against climate change demands action.

MIRIS utilises the best in emerging technology to create a sustainable built environment enabling people to take responsibility.

Our entire process of developing an energy-efficient community, from land acquisition to business and residential occupation, is managed through sustainable, energy-efficient property development and operations.

Sustainable Living

Sustainable Energy

The digitisation of business and society will require increased data processing capacity and computer power. It is essential we build more efficient solutions that utilise the energy created by data centres.

MIRIS enables positive energy cities powered by urban data centres. We bring together a ground-breaking union of sustainable real estate development, EDGE computing, and a blockchain ecosystem, to create a model for future Smart sustainable Communities, placing environmentally-friendly data centres at the core.

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Finance

People today want to make an impact, but find it difficult and frustrating to find ways to contribute to the real change we need in order to help our environment. Above all, every day investors need visibility over project progression.

MIRIS wants to reignite the faith in real estate project investment.

We have developed a technology platform for change where you can invest in profitable projects that reduce CO2 emissions in a user-friendly and transparent manner.

Sustainable Finance

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