Case – Bryne

Our Edge platform is several small data centers spread all over Norway and the Nordics connected logically and appear as one virtual data center. We will operate everything from one NOC (Network Operation Center)

The building is designed to harvest as much solar energy as possible while at the same time protecting the plates against direct sunlight, and give natural indirect light into the building. The body of the building is a hybrid between concrete and wood, a system from Austria called Cree. The idea behind the building is to create a lively center of business, technology and innovation. Jærtek and Time municipality is the local driving forces behind this project. MIRIS is in charge of the project as one of the owners.

In the core of the building there will be an Edge computing data center with a capacity of 2 – 20 MW of computing power.

In return, this gives heat of 2 – 20 MW to local projects. When Asplan Viak did the concept study including the design of the building, they revealed that new projects within 500 meter of the center will need about 12 MW of heat. This will supply a basis for heat distribution through a thermal heat system.

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