MIRIS Edge Computing

Building the worlds most sustainable edge HPC data center structure.

With a new liquid cooled server technology, we can utilize up to 95% of the energy used in our data centers as heating of proximity infrastructure.

The MIRIS Edge solution is a network of small data centres located in urban areas, logically connected as one virtual data centre, operated from one Network Operating Centre. From the operating centre, we will manage virtualization, locations, security, power lines and network connections, making the MIRIS Edge solution an Infrastructure as a Service provider.

During 2019 MIRIS, in cooperation with NOKIA Enterprise and Bell Labs assembled the necessary partnerships to implement a plan to build 15 regional Edge data centers in the Nordic region with up to two megawatts of capacity each, and 25 local Edge facilities with up to 500 kilowatts of capacity each.

In addition to reducing the carbon footprint, a Miris/LCS datacenter offers many other advantages:

  • significantly reduced space requirements

  • zero water consumption

  • no fans so the datacenter runs quietly

  • isolation of electronic components from air so IT hardware lasts longer

Case – Bryne Technology Center

Together with Jæren Technology Center Foundation and Time Municipality we will build a technology center in Bryne where our future data center will be part of the building. The construction will start late 2020.


“MIRIS data centers will leverage all these advantages to create the greenest data centers in the world, which we believe customers will demand”

Stephen Einhorn, Co-Chairman, LiquidCool Solutions

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