The MIRIS DNA is to continuously look for ways to apply technology to challenge, disrupt and improve the usage of buildings

Commercially viable Innovation

MIRIS aims to meet the environmental challenges in the property industry with intelligent innovation and new technology. In doing so, it will lead a new way of thinking about and working with buildings and their digital connectivity that can mitigate the environmental and energy challenges faced by society, while providing smart solutions for future living and working needs.

The MIRIS vision is to be an incubator for better buildings and better design and management methods according to our strategy and green investment framework. This means that as our initiatives mature and prove commercially viable, they will be spun out as separate companies, to be allowed to grow and blossom on their own terms, combined with the firm support of a parent. MIRIS will continue to seed, incubate, and finance innovations within our vision “to enable the development and construction of buildings, in which people live and work, that produce more energy than they use”. 

In order to do this in a profitable way, MIRIS continuously strives to build structure capital around the innovation and commercialisation processes. 

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