When Svart opens its doors it’s set to be the world’s first climate positive destination.

The EURxb stablecoin will provide stakeholders with new transparency and liquidity options.
Transparency and accountability have been key pillars in developing the MIRIS Green Finance Framework as a foundation from which truly sustainable developments such as the ambitious Svart Hotel, set to be the world’s first energy positive hotel in the arctic, can be achieved.

Svart is joined by several other green MIRIS programmes, such as MIRIS’ Green Compute that transforms Edge Data Centres into Green Energy Creators, that will provide stakeholders with new transparency and liquidity options thanks to the EURxb stablecoin.

Empowered by decentralised finance through the EURxb

Norwegian green and sustainable property developer MIRIS, in partnership with EURxb.finance, is transforming the capital management process of its Green Finance Framework by incorporating decentralised finance mechanisms through a new Euro stablecoin.

Partnering with EURxb completes the “Green Circle” in their Green Finance Framework, further enhancing transparency and accountability, and democratises access to MIRIS’ Green programmes. This takes the thinking behind other MIRIS incubated ventures like Aurora Sustainability even further. EURxb allows anyone to vote for a greener, more sustainable future with their investments using the EURxb stablecoin.

The Green Finance Framework is setting new standards in sustainable compliance through trust and verification. It enables MIRIS to issue Senior Secured Green Bonds and other green financial instruments, and in conjunction with the MIRIS X platform, empowers the company to identify, select, manage and report on eligible projects and assets in line with International Capital Market Association Green Bond Principles.

Because Green Finance promotes and supports the flow of financial instruments and related services towards the development and implementation of far-reaching change, MIRIS has been committed to the use of decentralised technologies such as blockchains that are known for enabling completely new approaches in this sector. This promises great potential for the future, as the impact of such change includes the creation of new and sustainable trade, business models and investments, as well as the associated economic, environmental and social projects and policies built around it.

Cicero has certified the validity of their green financial framework via its second opinion.

“The digitization of the entire project eco-system, from planning and design to transactions and investments, is a REAL game changer that will set the precedent for how innovators conduct business while caring for the planet,” says John Campbell, Strategic Advisor – EURxb.

Who are the key players?

MIRIS – a green property and technology developer, committed to improving the efficiency, profitability and sustainability in the real estate market. Our companies focus on individual areas supporting the industry:

Svart – an energy positive hotel and testing ground for new technology.

Aurora Sustainability – a community and forum for sustainability metrics.

Green Compute – a green grid independent compute with energy generation from heat.

KeyChain – Software platform for building optimisation: energy, CO2, climate, tracking and more.

MIRIS Exact – VDC, BIM and Digital Twin solutions.

MIRIS X – Smart Contract Platform for project and transactions tracking.

EURxb.finance – a decentralised finance platform committed to delivering transparency by tokenising stablecoin reserves and rewarding holders with the time-value of their money through the protocol’s use of tokenised securities as reserves.

EURxb – a euro denominated, Ethereum ERC20 Stablecoin, that pays holders 7% per annum just by holding the token.

Read more at eurxb.finance/position-paper or visit eurxb.finance.