We’re delighted to announce that renowned hoteliers Adrian Zecha and Jonathan Breene have agreed to join the development and operations of the world’s first energy positive, Svart Hotel.

The collaboration brings two incredible hotel teams together: Adrian with his team that developed and created Aman Resorts and Jonathan and his team that developed and created Setai Resorts.

Both hoteliers have been following the Scandinavian market for a long time. After discovering the innovative hotel concept Svart, developed by Miris together with the renowned architecture and design company Snøhetta, it fell in line with their vision of creating the ultimate bespoke adventure experiences retreat.

“Svart’s location is set in a beautiful part of Norway at the edge of the Svartisen Glacier. The integrity of the design honoring the site through innovation, the use of traditional building characteristics and the true passion to create something spectacular, is what caught our attention”, Zecha says.

Common Vision

“We are very excited by Adrian and Jonathan joining us and becoming the managing operators of Svart,” says CEO of Miris, Jan Gunnar Mathisen.

The choice of bringing the hoteliers on board was partly due to the duo’s experience, and partly because of a shared vision.

“They were chosen based on their expertise and extensive experience managing exceptional and unique hotels around the world.”

“Our vision for Svart coincided well with their thoughts and visions on design, environmental aspects and location,” Mathisen says.


A Unique Experience

Svart will be a unique hotel for guests who are passionate about nature, sustainability, and adventures.

The precious nature surrounding the hotel can only be accessed by sea. Guests will be transported by a renewable energy boat, designed specifically for Svart.

The hotel, being the world`s northernmost Powerhouse building, will be energy positive and low impact hotel.

The term “Powerhouse” applies to buildings that, in the course of a 60 year period, generate more renewable energy than the energy required to sustain daily operations and to build, produce materials and demolish the building.


Following the Powerhouse principles has been essential in order to respect the hotel’s unique surroundings.

Mathisen also sees the potential for the hotel to become an exciting addition to the community of Meløy, as there is currently no similar hotel experience offered in the region or in Norway at large.

“Our aspiration is for the hotel to be a true environmentally friendly beacon situated in the region of Northern Norway, which is becoming as a year-round tourist destination.”

Adrian Zecha and Jonathan Breene have always had a special interest in hotels located in remote places. Their first project in Scandinavia is scheduled to start construction at the end of 2019.

“It has been crucial for us to have an operating partner in place before going forward with the project preparing for construction.”

“We’re happy to welcome Zecha, Breene and their teams onboard and we are very excited to get started”, Mathisen concludes.

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