The first-ever London Climate Action Week will be taking place from 1-8 July. Hosted by the Mayor of London and Greater London Authority, the week aims to highlight London’s unique role as the leading international hub for organisations working globally to tackle climate change. Leaders and talents on a national and world level will gather together to drive change in sustainable practices, reduce carbon footprint and drive efficiency. 


The focus of LCAW will be on scaling up practical solutions and identifying new solutions to help cut carbon emissions to keep global temperature increases within 1.5 degrees and support the Paris Agreement. Highlighted events taking place include:

  • Green Finance Summit 2019: Investing in Actions: The City of London’s 3rd annual Green Finance Summit showcases the latest in green financial policy, market developments and thought leadership. The event will look at how governments can elevate their climate commitments, and how all economic actors can increase investments and actions in the transition towards a resilient, low-carbon economy
  • EBRD Green Cities: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will be hosting “EBRD Green Cities: Building a better and more sustainable future for cities” which will feature the latest trends in financing green cities from innovative technologies to sustainable infrastructure investment
  • Smart Cities, Sustainable Cities: A mini-conference will reflect on urban living and the opportunities that are being created in taking positive steps to mitigate climate change and improve our social wellbeing; with technology, innovation and citizen engagement being key to this transformation
  • Driving private finance to achieve 1.5-degree objectives: Hosted by Climate Policy Initiative and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, the event will showcase innovative climate finance instruments accelerated under the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance while also highlighting key needs and challenges to mobilise sufficient private finance to achieve 1.5-degree objectives
  • What more can investors do to tackle climate change?: An interactive discussion on the roles and responsibilities between investors, government, business and society, considering what additional practical steps investors can do to accelerate action to tackle climate change

MIRIS is in full support of all the above initiatives and will follow the outcome of the discussion with interest, not in the least because they touch on each of the three core pillars that make up the MIRIS vision, incorporating (1) Sustainable living; (2) Sustainable energy; and (3) Sustainable finance. By using cutting-edge recovery and conversion methods to harness the heat waste energy from EDGE computing, and Blockchain to ensure the efficient and transparent financing of projects, MIRIS is an integrated Smart Community delivery company, underpinned by a financing, operating and transaction processing platform.

We at MIRIS believe that in order to best address the changing relationship between communities and a greener world we need to integrate our living environment with the growing energy needs of today’s societies. Bold new thinking is needed to ensure this challenge is properly tackled. This is why MIRIS has developed a new property investment model, that provides not only flexibility for investors, but also provides opportunity for all.


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