Bølgen Kulturhus and Meny Søndersrød have each received NOK 150,000 for energy optimisation from Vestfold county municipality.

Bølgen and Meny have received the funds on the basis that Miris has gone through the buildings and identified where you can save energy and money.

Andreas Gilhuus, General manager and Kjetil Viker, Chief operating officer at Bølgen Kulturhus, wants to reduce energy consumption.

– The goal is to reduce energy consumption and we have been working on this for a long time. We focus on sustainability and energy saving, which is important in all parts of the cultural center. It is important to improve at every level, from those who deliver goods and produce packaging to energy consumption. We have a lot to gain and are happy to have Jarle from Miris on the team, – he has really valuable experience.

Miris coordinates the work and energy consultant Jarle Sølyst explains about a thorough plan to reduce energy consumption.

– I have been doing energy labeling and consulting since 2010, now for Miris and we have strong focus on energy savings. Andreas contacted us 1.5 years ago and wanted external help. Then we set up third-party meters, which independently measure the technical facility and also the physical environment. The results were clear. An over-use of air conditioning. The inside climate proved to ventilate 65 to 70 percent too much. There is a lot to be gained here. The supplier of the air conditioning wanted us to decrease the use with 50%, but the consumption is still too high. We have created a digital twin of Bølgen cultural center, giving us an exact copy and model of how the cultural center is used today. Now we have a total picture of how Bølgen works and then it is easier to improve the energy consumption.

Andreas Gilhuus is pleased with the municipal council and the board at Bølgen Kulturhus.

Now step two of the project has started and the building will be energy optimized.

– Everything will be more efficient and automated and we will now energy optimize the cultural center. Ventilation should be controlled according to the usage of the building. There will also be a significant improvement, with potential savings of 420,000 NOK a year from a total energy consumption of 1.4 million NOK, Jarle says.

Grateful for investment grants

Andreas Gilhuus and Kjetil Viker at Bølgen Kulturhus are grateful to the local government and look forward to stronger focus on sustainability.

– We were fortunate to receive a contribution for energy optimization from Vestfold county municipality and the board has also made an investment grant, which we are grateful for. There are over 200,000 visitors a year and we want to be a leading cultural center that thinks new. We also focus on other relevant measures, they conclude.

Andreas Gilhuus, Jarle Sølyst og Kjetil Viker has a good cooperation.

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