MIRIS has launched a Green Finance Framework that integrates sustainable development and action against climate change with the Group’s investments and related financing solutions.

MIRIS’ vision is a world where we live and work in buildings that produce more energy than they use. We will enable the development and construction of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. MIRIS rethinks how buildings may be redefined, built, and used through the application of new technologies and solutions. We firmly believe that significant reductions in energy consumption and CO2 footprint and substantial re-use of energy and resources can be achieved through revenue-generating solutions that also increase the quality of living and working.

The Framework aims to provide investors and finance providers with a description of MIRIS’ operations and goals supporting the transition to a sustainable and low-emissions economy. Within the Framework, MIRIS may issue green bonds, green commercial papers and other debt instruments to finance or re-finance, for example, projects relating to energy efficiency, renewable energy, or sustainable water and waste management.

MIRIS’ Green Finance Framework has been developed in alignment with the Green Bond Principles 2018. Additionally, as outlined in the Green Bond Principles, and to reflect MIRIS’ commitment to the future development of green finance, this Green Finance Framework strives to align, where possible, to current international and national initiatives to produce taxonomies such as the Climate Bonds Standard and the proposed EU Taxonomy.

The independent external evaluation of the Framework was conducted by CICERO, the leading provider of second opinions on green bonds. MIRIS’ Framework was graded as medium green in the CICERO Shades of Green Second Opinion.

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