Sustainable Energy

MIRIS develops positive energy cities powered by urban data centres.

The MIRIS concept capitalises on the high demand for faster computing power through EDGE computing and the co-location and networking of data centres at different configurations. Excess heat from the data centers is recycled to create sustainable energy-efficient urban communities while reducing environmental impact.

Our ‘Spark City’ concept has been embraced by several municipalities in Norway, with the latest news about the municipality of Bryne, receiving press coverage in the Norwegian media.

Off-Grid Plus


SVART will become the world’s first ´energy positive´ hotel. Situated in Norway, north of the Arctic Circle with a 360° view of Svartisen Glacier and arctic nature, it is the first hotel ever designed to the specifications of the ambitious Powerhouse standard. The hotel reduces its yearly energy consumption by 85% compared to other modern hotels, and harvests enough solar energy to cover both hotel operations and the energy needed to construct the building.

The architecture is inspired by local coastal building traditions and stands on wooden piles dissolving the boundaries between land and sea. The hotel is scheduled to open in 2021.

“By harnessing enough solar and thermal energy, SVART will reduce its yearly energy consumption by 85% compared to current building standards.”

The project will produce 60% more energy than consumed. This is enough to support surrounding infrastructure.

Energy-positive buildings such as SVART could deliver 89% of the 45% decrease in emissions required to reach the scenario where global warming increases to 1.5℃ above pre-industrial levels.

Self-Sustainable Solution

MIRIS has created a closed loop infrastructure, with sustainable energy production, complete recycling of heat, waste and water. Through smart architectural design, technology and sustainable energy production and distribution, we aim to be self-sufficient within 5 years of operation.

  • Independent from external power sources
  • Water supply from wells
  • Recycling garbage and sewage
  • Harness thermal heat

Our MIRIS X platform measures the status of all systems and handles all inter community transactions.