Sustainable Finance

MIRIS uses blockchain technology to increase trust, efficiency and transparency in property investing.

The MIRIS X blockchain-backed platform is designed to reignite the faith in real estate projects investment. Smart contracts will reduce the number of conflicts, increase oversight, reduce the need for intermediaries, and, above all, will enable MIRIS to provide investors with access and opportunity at the lowest cost in real estate.

Introduction to MIRIS X
Investment platform


The MIRIS X platform is the main platform that we use to raise funding for our Smart City investments and sustainable real estate projects. MIRIS X makes use of tokenisation to provide greater transparency for investors by allowing all projects to be publicly auditable on the Ethereum blockchain.

MIRIS X allows investors to buy, sell and trade equity or debt in MIRIS projects. We have also started integrating our entire construction and project management process into MIRIS X, which provides investors with real-time overview of the progression of various projects as well as  spending costs incurred over the entire lifetime of a construction.

Although the MIRIS X platform was originally designed to raise funds for construction projects, its versatility makes it suitable to raise funding for any type of project in which capital would traditionally be raised through debt or equity.

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