Sustainable Living

MIRIS utilises the best in emerging technology to create a sustainable built environment.

Leveraging its expertise in energy-efficient, ecologically friendly building design and delivery, MIRIS can effectively secure permissions and deliver returns on land options, including those at sites of environmental sensitivity, due to our extremely low-impact building, as well as development designs and technologies.

Positive Energy Balance

In conjunction with industry-leading professionals who have a similar ethos towards nature preservation and innovation, MIRIS is developing SVARTthe first energy positive hotel. 

Located in Norway and with preliminary planning approval already secured, the Svart Hotel is a manifestation of our vision of developing buildings that produce more sustainable energy than required usage.

There is no better way to showcase innovative real-estate than through the hotel industry. The hotel industry now has an opportunity to demonstrate the part it can play in environmental protection and education,  as well as taking on a leading role regarding innovation around sustainability.

Svart will demonstrate how the contemporary traveller can contribute towards the sustainable growth of our planet without sacrificing the frills and comforts of modern day living.

Transformative Design

We transform spaces through new digital lifecycles, creating new ways of self-sustainable living through the use of innovative parametric design, digital smart technology, renewable and innovative solutions, absolute manifestos and revolutionary agriculture.

This project is a resilient and self-sustaining, energy positive floating recreation island, designed to withstand natural floods disasters.

Inspired by the Oyster and Reishi mushrooms, this biophilic project focuses on smart and sustainable residents, materials that combines plants and advanced renewable energy technology.

This is a concept designed with active houses, innovative environmental homes, and combines modern architecture with nature-friendly and eco-friendly building techniques.

ECO FARM: In this example we aim to reconcile urban renaturation and small-scale farming with environment protection and biodiversity. and small-scale farming wiwi  ith