The cultural centre building in the Norwegian town of Larvik has already achieved its UN climate target for 2030. “We optimised its operation and cut energy costs through smart digitalisation solutions,” says Kjetil Viker, operations manager at Bølgen cultural centre.


With expansive glass façades and innovative architecture, Bølgen cultural centre quickly established itself as Larvik’s leading new venue. And using digitalisation solutions, the building already meets the UN climate objective of reducing energy consumption in buildings by 40 percent.


Full overview with digital twin

Using the innovative MIRIS Exact platform, employees have access to visualised real-time information about the building. MIRIS Exact brings together all digital assets, drawings, sketches and representations of the building in a common platform solution, a so-called digital twin.

“With a digital twin of the building, we have an overview of our energy consumption, potentially enabling us to make major savings on electricity costs,” says Viker.

Provided with point clouds, 2D and 3D models, NavVis scanned models, BIM models, drone scans and floorplans, the operations manager has a complete overview. Sensors monitor the indoor climate and visitor activity in the many rooms.

“In the portal we connect everything, so that the operations team can navigate digitally around the building, make measurements and see the conditions in real time on each screen. A bit like Google Street View, but inside the building,” says Elin Hauge, Chief Commercial Officer at MIRIS.

Hauge explains that MIRIS Exact can be used in any type of building where you want to improve efficiency, making it easy and cost-effective to develop climate-friendly buildings.

“With MIRIS Exact, we can obtain relevant facts about a building, so that the decision-making basis for improving the efficiency of operations is improved. That way we can help make the real estate industry greener,” she says.


Reduces costs by 40 percent

At Bølgen cultural centre, the ventilation system is key to reducing energy consumption. Simply by optimising ventilation, you gain better control over air quality and can reduce energy costs by almost 40 percent.

Bølgen cultural centre has also seen other benefits with the platform. When they needed a new lighting system, they could easily send relevant suppliers a login to their digital twin to measure the light rig, explains Hauge.

“The work with Bølgen cultural centre shows that all owners and operators of commercial buildings can meet the UN climate target using innovative solutions and new technology, presented in a simple and clear way,” she says.

MIRIS Exact – Bølgen kulturhus

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