We’re delighted to announce that the Svart Glacier Hotel has taken another big step towards realization. As a Norwegian press release recently revealed, zoning approval is now secured for the hotel.

Svart Glacier Hotel zoning approval

The hotel, which is a collaboration among Miris, Norwegian architects Snøhetta, and Meløy municipality, will sit at the foot of the Svartisen glacier, Norway’s second biggest glacier. We’re quite proud of the project’s vision; Svart offers views of pristine and raw nature, complemented by Snøhetta’s spectacular 360-degree design.

In the earlier stages of the project, we were happy to receive positive and encouraging feedback from the municipality, the tourism industry, and locals alike. Now that Meløy municipality has officially given its approval, we can finally enter a new stage of this project: realising what for many just looked like a dream. Our timeline allows for construction to start already in 2019, giving guests the opportunity to visit a brand-new hotel in 2021.


First of its kind in the world

Developing a hotel in such a beautiful and precious part of Norway comes with certain obligations. Buildings are responsible for about 40% of the world’s energy consumption and nearly the same percentage of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Needless to say, opting for average was not an option in this case, and in the aftermath of the Paris agreement, we felt it was important to make a statement and show what’s possible.

We’re happy to say that Svart will become the first hotel in the world to produce more sustainable energy than it’s usingleaving a minimal footprint. Its yearly energy consumption will also be 85% lower than the average hotel. With this, Svart can hopefully create a snowball effect and become a lighthouse project from which others can draw inspiration.


Lifting the region

Trond Øverås, managing director of the Northern Norway Tourist Board, praised the project in a recent interview with Norwegian broadcaster NRK, saying it will not only benefit Meløy municipality but the region as a whole.

Such praise is great to hear, and with tourism booming in Northern Norway, we feel it’s just as important to lead the way by facilitating green tourism. It might be ambitious, but we think Svart can influence and pave the way for a green wave, while creating jobs and lifting the economy.

Now that we’re at the advanced stages of this project, we’d like to welcome tourism operators, both local and foreign, to get in touch with us to discuss how Svart can create an environmentally friendly experience for visitors.

If you want to read more about Svart, please visit the hotel’s homepage.